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For Your Streaming Needs


Mission Power Mini USB Cable 

Eliminate the hassle of using an AC outlet to power up your  streaming devices. Now you can  directly power them up from your TV using your USB ports!!!

Compatible with:

  • Fire TV stick 2nd Gen.
  • Fire TV stick 4K
  • Tivo Stream 4K
  • Chromecast/w Google TV 4K (Note: When using the Mission Power Mini USB Cable as a power source for the Chromecast/w Google TV.  You must  use the Micro USB to USB Type C connector).  The Micro USB to USB Type C connector can be found below.


  • Solution for hard to reach AC outlet's or no nearby AC outlet's
  • Solution for very tight area's to plug your streaming device into an AC outlet
  • No need for extension cords or power strips 
  • Just use the USB port on your TV to power up your streaming devices.
  • Great for wall mounted TV's eliminate  the unpleasant sight of power cords hanging down 

Price $17.99

HDMI Extension Cable 1FT

ELUTENG extension Male to Female HDMI cables Support 3D, 1080P, & HD.  Attach the HDMI extension to your streaming device(s) Male connector. In some instances, the various HDMI ports on your TV might become unreachable, especially if you are using the Mission Power Mini Cable as a power supply.  

Compatible with:

  • Fire TV stick 2nd Gen.
  • Fire TV stick 4K
  • Tivo Stream 4K
  • Chromecast/w Google TV 4K 


  • HDMI ports on your TV might be unreachable or hard to reach.
  • HDMI port on your TV might malfunction, need to switch to another HDMI port. 
  • HDMI port on your TV might stop  producing enough power, to power your streaming device. Need to switch to another out of reach HDMI port. Especially if you are using the Mission Power Mini Cable as a power supply. (Note: This will only depend on the locations  of your HDMI ports on your TV).



  • ELUTENG 1FT HDMI cable male to female, suitable for extending HDMI cable, leading the interface to the appropriate position, and protect the original HDMI interface from repeatedly plugging and unplugging.
  • Widely used for connection between computer to HD TV / display, or projector. Compatible with DVD player, Blu-ray player and other HDMI devices.
  • HDMI 1.4 extender adapter, max resolution up to1080P, 3D enjoy HD video at home.  Only support standard HDMI interface.
  • Adopt multiple shielding core, effectively reduce signal loss, wear-resisting gold-plated connector, make connection and transmission more stable.

Price $7.99


    Micro USB to USB Type C 3.1 Connector Data Syncing & Charging Converter For Type C Devices.  

    Compatible with:

    • Chromecast/w Google TV 4K (Note: Use Micro USB to USB Type C connector when using the Mission Power Mini  Cable as a power source for the Google TV). 
    • Mission Power Mini USB Cable
    • Laptops
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Micro USB Phone Data Sync Charging  Cable Cord
    • Other USB Type C Devices


    • Two colors to choose from, black or white.
    • Safe and Stable, the Micro USB to USB C connectors with 56k ohm pull-up resistor can Improve the current stability and protect your device from high levels of current.
    • Data Syncing and Charging with Micro USB to Type C connector, you can sync, charge and transfer data from your USB-C devices by using your standard Micro-USB cable.
    • High-Speed Syncing the USB C connector data syncing connector ensures a maximum speed up to 480 Mbps, transfers faster than most standard cables and works better for speed.
    • Plug & Play, no additional drivers or installation required. Reversible USB-C port provides conveniences to be plugged in either direction.



       Price $3.99

          Color: Black

    Price $3.99

    Color: White 


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